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August 4, 2012

YCPB – You can’t Predict Baseball!

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Driving frustrates me.  Not the act of driving, but sharing the road with other drivers.  I use the term drivers recklessly because a better word would be texters.  Talkers would also be a better term.  How do you describe people operating a vehicle while applying make-up or lighting a cigarette?  I almost swerved off the road the other morning when a couple of other drivers were just – driving.  I was shocked.

Today I was coming home from lunch and the Hwy 153 exit from I-75 was closed and blocked by a large boat and a yellow T-Dot Assistance Vehicle.  The lady in front of me stopped to motion to the T-Dot officer that she needed to go that way.  He pointed her on, but the dead stop on I-75 was dangerous, especially because she needed to check and see if she could be the exception.  I am sure in her own little world she is considered exceptional, but stopping on I-75 to verify that opinion will just hasten your move to the next world.

I only cared that she was slowing traffic down and risking lives because King Felix was pitching in Yankee Stadium against the hated Bronx Bombers.  Felix Hernandez is one of my favorite players and I am not ashamed to say that the Mariners are one of my top 5 favorite teams in MLB.  The Dodgers and Cardinals are the bottom two, but I love baseball, so I’ll watch any and every team.  I was wanting to get home and catch the King.

Felix lived up to his name by dominating the Yankees and allowing two hits while winning 1-0.  It was a great game and I was especially excited to be wearing my new Mariners hat.  Now I love my hats and this one is especially nice.  I ordered it for under $17 dollars.  It is a fitted size 8 dark navy wool hat by New Era.  It was so cheap because it has a little patch on the side that commemorates the 2011 All Star Game that was played in Arizona.  I also had a 15% off coupon code which discounted the $18.99 to under $17.  I also got a 2010 Minnesota Twins Adjustable Playoff hat for under $6.  The Minnesota hat is significant for other reason I will explain at a later date.  I ordered the hats last Saturday and received them Thursday.  I was very pleased since I have been looking for a Mariners hat for a couple of years and they are around $38 for the fitted hat and even then the size 8 is hard to find and almost never discounted.

This weekend I was able to continue my 1914-1916 Tournament.  I am using the 1914-1916 Major League teams from the National and American Leagues as well as the teams from the 1914-15 Federal Leagues.  The games are played using the APBA Baseball Game which has been my favorite game since I first started playing in 1980 using the 1979 Season cards.

My current match-up features two teams from the 1915 American League, Detroit Tigers and the Cleveland Indians.  The Tigers are seeded ninth while the Indians are seeded 56th.  I seeded teams by place finished then numbers of wins as a tiebreaker.  Detroit won 100 games against 54 loses and Cleveland was 57-95 and the lowest ranked 7th place team.  The Tigers were the highest seeded 2nd place team.  I am playing the games solo and the lower seeded team is always the home team for round one.  The following rounds will have the top team in the bracket as the visiting team and the bottom team as the home team.  I am not using hit and runs, sacrifices or calling stolen bases.  On defense the infield is always played back to get more sure outs.  Most of my strategies are based on percentages researched in The Book by Tom Tango, Michel Lichtman and Andrew Dolphin.

Game One in the match-up featured an Indians win by a score of 10-3.  The game included an inning with the home team batting around.  I am learning the BallScore/BallStat program and had a couple of mistakes and was able to correct them with some help from the forums for the program.  Those issues and changing jobs led to my close to a month break in the tourney.

I restarted the action with game two.  Both teams featured pitchers with A Grades.  Detroit held on to a 1-0 win to even the series at one game apiece.



Game three featured a Grade BXW for Detroit against a CY for the Indians.  The Tigers scored the first run of the game in the top of the 4th but Cleveland answered with a two-run double off the bat of Jay Kirke in the bottom of the 6th.  The Indians held on to win 2-1 and take the series by a two games to one margin and will face the winner of the the 1915 Brooklyn NL squad (24 seed) against the 1916 Cleveland AL team (41 seed).



The first two match-ups of the 2nd round are finished and I am hoping to get a few more games played to move the tourney forward in a more timely fashion, but life happens and there are several things that will take priority.  The main priority is helping my wife pass Statistics and reducing the inevitable stress associated with that class.  But things are going well and I am excited about the future.


This is the first section of my tourney I have set up using a tennis bracket I found online.  I tweaked the programming part of it so that the team will automatically advance when I enter the scores.  That was challenging and fun and it seems to be working well.  As the bracket shows, three lower seeds have won, but one “upset” was a 33 seed over a 32 seed.  This is my first tournament.  I am learning the BallScore/BallStat program and taking extended breaks does not help matters.  I try to take things slow and easy to minimize mistakes and refresh my memory.  Between APBA and the computer version, BBW, and the soon to be updated computer version, I am very familiar with the grades and ratings associated with the teams and players in the game.  I may also post results from the Football, Golf and possibly the Saddle Racing Games if I get opportunities to play those games.  Baseball is my favorite, but I have played a lot of the Saddle Racing and Golf.  My wife likes football and I may see if she enjoys the board version of the game.

Life is good!



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