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April 23, 2013

After a layoff of sorts…

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So last week I was essentially ‘turned loose’ at work.  I started this job in the middle of July 2012.  I optimistically hoped to be trained i three months.  It is closer to nine months and I am leaving this coming Sunday for more training.  Life is good so far and I really love my job and the people I work with.

My Tournament has taken a backseat to work, training and life, but I was actually able to get a game in tonight.  I think I got most of the Ballscore/Ballstat part of it but I struggled a bit with the exporting of the boxscore.  I figured out the trouble shooting aspects of the program and corrected the few errors I made and I hope to figure more out tomorrow.

Part of me resuming this is to get a feel for APBA Cards and Dice in preparation for my attendance at the 2013 APBA Convention.  I saw the Tournament Rules posted today and gave them a thorough reading.  One rule I am changing in my tourney is keeping the rotations as they are and not starting over with each round.

Another interesting thing i was able to do this past weekend as part of my preparation, was prepare a spreadsheet evaluating the actual value of the results numbers on the cards.  I found an interesting paper that had values for each result number 1-41.  I used a Makojo Dice Number Import/Export utility to extract those numbers to a spreadsheet and figured the value of a 42 was the equivalent of a 14 and I also calculated the number of the first column zeros and added 1/36 of the value of the second column for each zero.  Not sure how accurate this would be, but I figured it would be close.

I need to compare some of my card sets with the card result numbers on the official disks and see if this information will be helpful at all.  There is also some valuable information to be gained from the pitcher ratings and I will look into that as well.

So I resumed my tourney with Game 2 between the 1916 Giants and Cubs.  The Cubs had won game 1 by a score of 4-3 with a run in the bottom of the 9th inning.  This game wasn’t as exciting.  Both teams scored once in each of their halves of the first two innings before the Giants pulled away for a 6-3 victory.  The Cubs basically lost the game with poor fielding.



The Giants got the timely hits or at least put the ball in play when they needed runs and kept the game out of reach after the Cubs closed a 4-2 lead to a one run game.  The Giants responded with 2 unearned runs to close out the scoring and win the game behind the complete game pitching of Bill Perritt.



I hope to continue the Series soon and at least finish the first round before the convention. Dropbox is my new best friend for saving files from different machines and being able to pull them up on my phone, iPad, laptop and desktop.  I will figure out BallStat/BallScore and be able to compile stats and post them as well.  I have also been able to get a lot of helpful information from the APBA Boards in the Delphi Forums.

There seems to be a lot going on right now and I am looking forward to seeing what opportunities I am given and how I will respond to those opportunities.  My training trip is in Indiana and I wish it was closer to Cincinnati, but it is a couple of hours away.  My birthday is the following week and I am looking forward to celebrating with my wife.  She is doing well in school despite being frustrated a bit at times with school and life in general, but I try to encourage her and not be too big of a nuisance when she is busy and facing multiple deadlines.

We also got our Windows installed the first of this month and they are great.  Hopefully we will experience lower utility bills.  It is nice to be able to sit by a window and not know the temperature and wind strength when the window is closed.  

I am also looking at several teams to use at the convention tournament and will take a little time to parry my choices.  I need to sort my 1976 Season Cards into their original teams.  I also hope to get at least one or two season card sets before the tournament, I am hoping for 1973 and either 1961 or 1934.  I have most of the sets from the 1970s and have a certain affinity for the Gashouse Gang Cardinals of the 1934 Season and there is something about the 1961 season the is pretty special.  The first wave of expansion, the M&M boys and the 1961 Pirates.

I haven’t posted on here in forever and hope to be more frequent now that my work schedule is calming down as my training comes to a close.  I still have a lot to learn and just hope that I can exercise patience and discernment when I am dealing with the decisions and challenges that I will face at work.  I feel like I have an excellent support group there and will have opportunities to learn and grow into the job and career.

We have four dogs now and two cats.  One cat still needs to be fixed, but the other cat is almost fully recovered from her surgery and they fill a void left when Orkie and Terminex disappeared.  In the area where we live, I don’t think there was anything malicious going on with out human neighbors, but I can’t say the same thing for some of the four-legged creatures that may occupy the woods in our immediate vicinity.  I would like to think some little kid found one or both of them and game them a loving home, but I fear a coyote had them for dinner.  Worse yet, maybe a hawk or snake or some other creature caused their untimely demise.  I think of them and miss them.

Time for bed and I hope to enjoy my next two days off before I return to work and then take a trip.  I’ll miss my wife and pets, but the time away truly makes me appreciate the time we have together and value the relationships I have, especially with my wife.  The dogs fill a void and at this time, that is the best we can do.  

Until next time…


Diane, our newest dog is on the floor with – from left to right – Honey, Coach and Carla on the couch!


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