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May 7, 2013

And the Dice Roll On…

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I was able to play another game tonight.  Lots of fun, besides the 8-7 game I am playing, the Rays are on and they have already lost 8-7 on a HR in the top of the 9th inning.  I know the outcome, but I love to listen.  The broadcast is OK, but nothing outstanding.  The Internet connection here is a bit fickle, but it works most of the time pretty well.  I started listening to the Red Sox v Minnesota, but that connection locked up and I moved on.

My game was a see-saw affair with the visiting team coming out on top.  I am still learning the BallScore/BallStat program and have posted a couple of questions to the Delphi Forums for some assistance.  The program is now Freeware and I thought it was a bargain at $20 when I bought it over a year ago.

The games are still fun and I will have time to play the deciding game of this series tonight.  I alternate the home teams with the lower seeded team getting the first game at home.  Not sure this makes a big difference, at least compared to other sports.  There are differences in strategy between the home team and the visiting team, but I generally minimize the use of the bullpen since the era of the mid teens of the last century was pretty much Iron-man Baseball.  At least it was for the pitchers.

I am excited about a transaction I completed earlier this evening.  I essentially traded a duplicate 1983-84 APBA Basketball Set for the 1934 & 1988 APBA Baseball Sets.  The difference was a bit over $16 and that is well worth it.  With the upcoming APBA Convention Tournament, I now have two more season from which I can select a team.  I believe that is 42 more teams, but the key teams will be the 1934 Detroit Tigers and St Louis Cardinals along with the 1988 New York Mets, Oakland A’s and Orel Hershiser’s Los Angeles Dodgers.  As with my selection process, I will go through the teams and see which teams have the fewest useless players.

So my game ended up 8-7 with the Terriers taking a 6-5 lead on a HR only to see the Giants respond with a 3-run HR the following half inning to go up 8-6.  The Terriers tacked on a meaningless run to close out the scoring and the Giants held on for the win.  I had pinch-hit for the Giants’ starter Perritt in the top of the 6th when the Giants took the lead on G Burns’ HR.  The next time the pitcher’s spot came up in the order, I let the pitcher hit and he drew a walk.  Not sure I did this correctly in BallScore, so that will probably end up being a learning experience.  The baseball reason for the decision was the pathetic bench and bullpen for the Giants.  The gain with the pinch-hitter was not bigger than the drop-off of the next pitcher the New Yorkers had available.  The pitcher, Sailor Stroud, ended up drawing a walk on his way to the 4-inning save.

The Giants also were  playing the game at Fielding Level Three with the starter.  Stroud was a better fielder and bumped the Visitors up to Fielding Level Two.  I felt like the bump in the fielding along with Stroud’s Z rating would help with Giants win unless the team from St Louis could string together some sustained hitting.  If that happened, there wasn’t much that could be done about it.  Luck of the roll…



Looking at it, I can see the problem is that the substitution for the pitcher isn’t showing up for one of the teams.  Now, if I can figure that one out.


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