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June 8, 2013

Before they were Black…

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As I continue my Tournament, I enjoy the unique events that are possible in the game. The previous game between these two teams seemed to feature several unlikely plays, mainly double plays that stopped scoring opportunities. The game I just completed featured three errors and one team has a Fielding One Rating while the other team received a Fielding Two. Both teams started pitchers that were A rated with Faber being an AZ and Cooper being an AY. Neither control rating came into play, but the A kept several players from getting hits.

As a matter of fact, the Pirates were not able to break into the hit column at all. This is my first no-hitter of the Tournament and my first with the Cards & Dice that I can recall in a very long time. I seem to recall one when I used to spend the heat of the days of my youth playing in the summer.





The Pirates did manage to draw 3 walks and one batter reached on an error, but that was it for the offense. It was an exciting game with the great Honus Wagner going 0-4. ‘Shoeless’ Joe Jackson led off the White Sox top of the 4th with a double. Jaques Fournier followed with a run-scoring triple and the ChiSox looked to bust the game wide open, especially after Felsch followed with a base on balls. The Pirates had allowed a run to score and there were runners on the corners with no outs. Ray Schalk popped out to 2nd. Zeb Terry grounded into the inning-ending 4-6-3 double play and the Pirates escaped further damage.

The White Sox didn’t threaten further damage for the rest of the game, but neither did the Bucs and the run held up. The closest the Pittsburgh team got was when Gibson drew a one-out walk in the bottom of the 8th with the pitcher due up. Costello grounded out weakly to the first baseman for the 3-1 put out and Voix ended the rally with a 5-3 ground out. Red Faber mowed down the 2, 3 & 4 hitters to close out the gem in the bottom of the ninth.

As exciting as the No-Hitter was, that wasn’t even the most exciting thing to happen in the past couple of days. On Friday I received an email that someone had mentioned me on Twitter. I was mentioned in a tweet by a former resident of Harrison, TN who was now living in San Antonio TX. What is the common thread? I had written an email in to my favorite podcast and the host read my email on the show. The show is the Tony Kornheiser Show on ESPN 980 out of Washington, DC. People who listen to this show are lovingly called ‘Littles’ by Mr Tony.

One of the ongoing themes of the show is characteristics of pretentious people. These are the people who cross-country ski around the neighborhood when there is snow on the ground. These also are the type people who give you unsolicited advice and tell you how to love your life. Another tell-tale sign on these people is that they eat apple slices. One day this week, my lovely wife put apple slices in my lunch.

Understand that Mr Tony doesn’t tweet, mainly because he would give his opinion on something that would result in his suspension or termination from his job. Several years ago he commented that one of the young women on Sportscenter was wearing an outfit that looked like something a Catholic Schoolgirl would wear to Parochial School and that comment resulted in a two-week suspension from his radio show (on an ESPN station) and from the wildly successful PTI show that is broadcast daily on one of the many ESPN TV networks and usually re-aired a couple of times on the same day.

Now, ESPN 980 has requested that Mr Tony Tweet to help increase the show’s popularity. There is a one-day podcast delay because the sales-weasels want people to listen to the show live and hear all the commercials, beyond the ‘reads’ done on the show. I, like many of the listeners, listen via podcast. The podcasts are available either directly from the ESPN 980 website or through iTunes as one of many ESPN daily podcasts. I usually download from someone who provides the podcast on the same day in its entirety. The ESPN provider usually edits the podcast so that it is a shortened version of the show and the ESPN 980 version is not available until the next day. The delay has been a continual sore-spot between the cast of the show and the sales-weasels. On any given day, most of the emailers or people who write into the show are from across the globe. The delay is pointless.

So I had to write into the show when Mr Tony claimed that he would not Tweet, but several members of the cast would give informational tweets. In my email to the show, I simple ask for some much-needed information. I said that my wife had put apple slices in my lunch and I needed to know what this meant. I also requested a TK Show sticker, but we will see if I receive one in the mail. The radio station has stated that they will not pay postage for the show to mail stickers, but many listeners have sent a sheet of stamps when they request their stickers. Mr Tony said he would pay for postage and that is what prompted many people to send in stamps.

That also explains why I was telling people at work that I would be acting pretentious and telling them what to do since I had apple slices in my lunch. Since I am basically the new guy, they all looked at me funny. And this was before I knew Mr Tony read my email on the air. Life is really good and I am officially a Little!



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