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October 22, 2013

Where have you gone Tim Tebow?

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We are approaching the last week or so of the baseball playoffs.  I might pay attention to my fantasy football teams, but I might not.  There is something to be said to have more teams than minutes spent watching a sport.  I was invited to join a fantasy basketball league.  I toyed with the thought of naming the team the Fantasy Zombies but decided to go with the Harrison Tornado because I have a cool logo from one of my Baseball for Windows teams.



One logo is used for away games (Red) and one is used for home games.  Has nothing to do with the games, but I was bored and playing with the Paint program on my computer.

I was noticing some headlines on Yahoo! and one of them caught my eye.  I was kind of surprised to read that the Reds have chosen a manager and will hold a press conference to make an announcement on Tuesday.  My favorite manager choice this off-season has only been mentioned as being interviewed by the Cubs, not the Reds so not sure I will be happy with the decision.  I also read that Jim Leyland, the Detroit Tigers’ manager, was retiring.  It might be time.  He is a good regular season manager but has struggled with the post-season unless given superior talent, which has only happened once.

The headline that jumped out at me was associated with Alex Rodriguez.  I skimmed it, but my basic understanding is that MLB is holding a hearing about his alleged performance enhancing drug use and his involvement in the Bio-genesis scandal/investigation.  The story was concerning his lawyers wanting to hold a press conference about the on-going trial but the judge ruled that the press conference would not be allowed.  Previously, I have heard he had some type of role with obstructing justice in the investigation.  Time will tell the tale, but if I understand correctly, there is a 200+ game suspension looming for Mr Rodriguez.  At his age, 37 or so, this will probably mean the end of his career as a baseball player.  He has made enough money that he can afford to disappear, but I am not sure his ego will allow that.

That brings me to Tim Tebow.  He arguably lacks the talent to be a starting quarterback in the NFL.  He has football ability, but he wants to be a QB and he is probably not much more than a novelty at the position.  His hometown Jacksonville Jaguars are terrible and could probably use the attraction at the gate.  So here we have a guy who regardless of your opinion of his personal choices is a genuine nice guy.  He can’t find a job because he lacks ability to play the position that he wants to play.  He might be a bit stubborn about playing another position, like tight end, but he doesn’t have a job in the NFL as far as I know.

Alex Rodriguez on the other hand, pending the results of the trial, has a job in MLB.  Everything about him off the field points to a person who is not a nice guy.  He might be one of the top five talents ever to play the game, but he will probably be remembered for his off the field drama.   Several players linked to Bio-genesis took 50 game suspensions and those suspensions ended in time for at least one player to play in the playoffs with his team.  Mr Rodriguez was the only player to appeal the suspension.  He was due to receive the larger suspension because he has the more serious charge involving obstruction of the investigation.  I believe that has influenced his penalty than the actual PED use.

Tim Tebow gets covered in the press because he holds to a certain belief system that the media seems to belittle.  A-Rod gets covered because in our post-modern society he wants to make his own truth and he has made a lot of money playing a game.  A-Rod may even believe he is not guilty or deserving of the punishment that seems to be headed his way.  I know Charles Barkley said that pro athletes aren’t role models and maybe Mr Barkley wasn’t, but if professional athletes are to be admired and even looked to as role models, give me more Tim Tebow and less Alex Rodriguez!


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