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December 11, 2013

Yeah, I don’t blog too often…

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I like having a blog, actually two blogs.  I rarely refer to it or look back and see what I have written.  This blog is usually for a baseball game I have played and my other blog is usually random posts.  I am not sure I am even comfortable or conversant in blog terminology if that matters.

This year has been an interesting year.  Last year I started a new job and this year I had progressed in my training to the point that I am on shift by myself.  It is often nerve-wracking or is it nerve-racking?  I can see both spellings since one seems like wreck and the other like pool balls being arranged in the wooden triangle and when they strike each other it could seem painful.  Looking it up might answer the question, but maybe I am not the one to provide answers?  Random thoughts are the inspiration for random posts.  Maybe it is the fruit of the ADD mind.  I am not saying I possibly have ADD, but 27.5 years along the path to college graduation can’t be wrong.   Focus…

With a little over half a month left in this year, 2014 looks to be promising and full of change.  One of the biggest changes will be watching my wife graduate college.  She has been working daily toward that goal and she is much more conscientious about her grade-point-average than I was.  I am enjoying the opportunity to support her as she attains this goal.  I know how much it meant to me and I know it means a lot to her.  Education is very important in both of our lives.

I have also just enjoyed other changes in our lives.  Last year we added two kittens and one more dog.  We actually replaced two cats with two kittens.  One of the kittens didn’t survive the summer, but the other one did and he is probably a survivor, given our history, and he is also a talker.  When I go out to feed him or change his litter box, he always wants to tell me about it.  We named him Jody as in Jody Millard Pest Control and hopefully he will take that task seriously.

The new puppy my wife brought home is a social butterfly.  We named her Diane, after Diane Chambers from the TV show Cheers.  Our puppy Diane is the dog who likes to be in the middle of everything and loves interacting with the other dogs.  She is always happy to see us and she jumps up to greet us when ever she is separated from us for more than 15 seconds.  Diane and Carla have become fast friends and that is a joy to watch.

Coach is becoming an old soul of a dog and Honey is just old.  They are steady and set in their ways but they seem to enjoy the younger dogs though sometimes that is a tolerance at best.  Still, they all get along much more than they fuss and argue.

Coach is undoubtedly our most talkative of the dogs.  Diane barks the most, especially when she feels the need to go on the deck and tell the world about it.  Coach has more of an expressive nature that seems to be less about needing to go somewhere and more about just telling us an opinion about something.  He really likes having his hips massaged and he is always very grateful for that.  Every now and then he needs to go outside, sometimes to sniff every inch of the yard and sometimes to actually take care of his business.  Sometimes he just wants to tell us his eyes are bothering him and other times he just wants to rub his snout on the rug and tell us about that.

I heard on the radio or maybe read on the Internet that dogs have 10 sounds and cats have closer to 100.  In our house, Coach has about 100, Jody has about 25 and Diane has maybe 15.  Carla and Honey have closer to 10, but for the most part they are fairly quiet.  Carla always lets us know a truck is coming up the street because she is tuned in to the sound of my truck and there is a similar truck down the street.  Honey just lets the other dogs know they are in her space or she has taken her medicine and she is potentially the baddest dog in the room.  Usually the other dogs just look at her, make an expression that says, “Yeah Right or Whatever!”  Then they move on.

Coach is our biggest dog, but he is blind and has a bone disease that probably causes him some discomfort, especially in the rain and cold.  He communicates more with his voice than by wagging his tail, but sometimes he wags his tail.  He has the most debonair look when he wants a treat and he sits and cocks his head.  His expression says, “Look at me.  I am doing what you want and I deserve this treat!”  He is the most gracious about his treats.

Carla likes to patrol all of the food bowls and she would if they were closer together.  She has some emotional scars from her previous experiences, but she is coming out of her shell gradually.  I think we have had her a little over two years and she still runs away from brooms or mops, but she is getting over that fear.  She is also better about letting me pick her up and hold her.  Coach is our only true lap dog, but I am working on the others.

Honey has taken to jumping up on the leg prop extension of my recliner.  She lays there during the whole time we watch TV and during quiet scenes, we can hear her snore.  My wife has had Honey for close to 15 years, but Honey has kind of adopted me as her buddy.  She was leery of me when we first met, but she has taken to me and I like it.

I am thankful for my wife and her love of animals, especially dogs and cats.  Time has taught us that we are a one cat family.  We also have limited ourselves to four dogs and that is probably where we will draw the line.  If we lived further out in the country, we might add some more dogs but they would have to be outside dogs.  Well, not outside all of the time, but we would have to have a yard with a fence and have an area for them to run as well ash a heated inside area.  We are not afraid to spoil our dogs.

Besides Coach, our dogs are small and we always take them outside on a leash.  The exception is the times Diane runs past us and out the front door.  She just wants to check out the neighborhood but she is pretty easy to get back on her leash.  We have one neighbor who drives a little fast but I guess he works during the day which has been when Diane has been able to get loose.

I have learned to enjoy my swing shift schedule and the times I have off and can spend time with my family.  With vacations, I am usually off close to half the time and I work half the time.  If it is figured by hours, it is actually work a quarter of the time and off three-quarters of the time.  With 12 hour shifts, I am not sure if I am coming or going, but my wife helps me keep it straight.

I had some ideas to blog about, but since I didn’t write them down, they have slipped my mind.  Casual blogging is not exactly a bad thing.  Pointless means I don’t have to get to the point.  It also means I can stop when I feel like it.


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