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June 27, 2016

Let’s Roll!

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Todd Beamer lived in Stoneycreek Township in Pennsylvania.  It appears to me that he was obviously an APBA Player.  This past weekend was the 2016 APBA Convention in Alpharetta, GA.


Roy even has my cards memorized and waits patiently for me to read my card result

Roy Langhans, an APBA Hall of Famer, won the Tournament with the 1985 St Louis Cardinals.  Roy Langhans has tried to win the tournament since the maiden convention in 1973.

2016 Trophy

2016 APBA Convention Tourney Runner-Up Trophy

There were 50 players participating in the tournament.  The tournament consists of seven divisions with six teams and one division with eight teams.  The Division winners won with records ranging from 8-2 to 6-4.  There was also a team that lost a tie-breaker with an 8-2 record.  After the first round of the playoffs the only survivors were players who had never won the tournament.


2016 Home Run Derby

The competitions began Thursday evening with the first Football Tournament Semi-final between APBA HOFer Greg Wells and Ray Dunlap.  Friday morning saw the second Football Semi-final between Greg Barath and Mike Harlow.  The Hockey Tournament also continued with a best-of-three Final between APBA HOFer Steve Skoff and Chuck Sorce.  Friday was busy with the Home Run Derby in the afternoon before dinner.


Roy even has my cards memorized and waits patiently for me to read my card result

Personally, I feel the Home Run Derby Trophy is the best trophy.  This year the Derby victor was a first-time attendee.  Steve Skoff dominated the Hockey Tournament winning the Finals two games to one.  Wells and Barath advanced to the Football Finals.  Greg Wells won with the 2015 New England Patriots over Barath’s 2015 Carolina Panthers.


Greg Wells introducing the 2016 Hall of Fame Inductees

After dinner the Hall of Fame Inductions were held.  Greg Wells introduced the new inductees.  Last year Greg’s son, Brian Wells – also a HOFer, introduced the inductees.


Ray Dunlap

Ray Dunlap was the first inductee and he has contributed many innovations and ideas for the football game.  Ray lives in the Atlanta area and his wife was able to join him for the ceremony.


Greg Barath

The second inductee was Greg Barath.  Greg is legendary for his solo replays using the Football Game.  He has several videos on and on his blog site ( has even more helpful Excel and Powerpoint files.  Greg assured us all that rolling dice was a masculine pursuit.


John Herson (right)

John Herson was the third inductee of the evening.  John is the current owner of the Game company.  He has seen all the baseball seasons carded since the 1901 season and introduced the popular Soccer game.


2016 Baseball Tournament Games

Games began at 9 a.m. Saturday morning and the sound of APBA Players rolling dice is music to our ears!


The 1962 Mets saw action at the Tourney

The ’62 Mets won two games and beat one of the Semi-Finalist in the division part of the tournament.  One of the teams the Mets beat tied for their division lead but swept two head-to-head games against the other division leader to decide the tie-breaker.


Action continues…

There youngest player was ten years old and the oldest player was an octogenarian.  There were men as well as women.  Fun is had by all!


Former APBA Journal Editor Eric Naftaly (left)

APBA convention attendees come from as far west as California and as far north as upstate New York and as far south as Florida as well as up and down the East Coast.  There is some talk about naming Tournament Divisions for APBA Players who no longer attend the Convention, such as Jim Sce.

The APBA Convention is the highlight of my year.  I plan my vacation around the Convention and while the Tournament is fun, seeing friends and sharing stories is what the Convention is all about.

APBA trip

Roy even has my cards memorized and waits patiently for me to read my card result

The other highlight of the convention is the trip to the store and an opportunity to save shipping costs, usually $10-20.

$300+ for a hotel

$50 on gas

$120 fee for the Convention itself

APBA Convention weekend – Priceless!

Seems like a wise investment.  Just ask any APBA Player!


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  1. Sounds like you had a blast! I worry about the guy with the cards memorized, though.

    Love the old “starburst” Astro jersey the one fellow has on!

    Pssst….you’ll have to wait until I finish the day and post to get the rest of the scores, but on May 3rd there was this score i know you’ll be pleased by: Phillies 2, Cardinals 1. 😉

    Comment by coalblack — June 27, 2016 @ 7:46 pm

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