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July 17, 2016

The things you learn…

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I jumped off the pop culture train in the late 1980s.  Ask me a question about music or most popular TV shows (Seinfeld, Friends…etc) and I draw a blank.  I have always followed baseball, but I lost track of the NBA, most of the NFL and I never really kept up with the NHL.

The Internet has helped some.  I was working today and looking at a variety of blogs.  One was referring to a game company’s Negro League card set for use with their game.  The blog was several years old and said the set was still available.  Being the curious type, I clicked on the link and discovered the set was available either with a full game or as an individual purchase.

I clicked around on the site and saw something else very intriguing.  The company has a basketball game card set available for the 2001-02  NBA Season.  One of the points of interest was the fact that the Nets made the NBA Finals.  Somehow I had totally missed that.  I love and the related sites.  I looked on and sure enough, the Nets were swept by the Lakers.  Who knew?

Friday I was surfing the internet at work and was reading about the many satellite APBA tournaments popping up mainly in the upper-Midwest.  Several of the tournaments feature divisional round-robin play followed by a single-elimination playoff round.  Baseball is not a game that is good at determining a champion in a single elimination format.  I prefer at least a best-of-three playoff format.



There is a tournament in central Minnesota the first weekend in October with the best-of-three playoff format.  Friday when I returned home from work I asked my wife if she would like to make a quick trip to Minnesota.  She said that would be fun.  Last night we found a hotel with a vacancy on those dates and we made a reservation.  There must be something going on that weekend because there weren’t many vacancies at the hotel chains we were familiar with at reasonable prices.

So I will get to play in my first non-APBA Convention tournament and I am excited.  It will be well worth the 30-hour round trip drive.  The team selection is a bit less restrictive than the APBA Convention so I will still use the 1998 Atlanta Braves Great Teams of the Past edition.  The hitting numbers are rearranged but for the most part, they are the same.  There is a small bump for better strikeout ratings and one reliever is an A* up from a B*.  Other teams get the same advantage I am sure so it will all even out.

98 Braves

Yes, I have three versions of the same team.


With a new guy being hired at work the overtime should be reduced significantly.  Hopefully, we should be back to working around 48 hours a week with no more than six 12-hour shifts in a row.  The new hire is younger by 20+ years than the guy he is replacing so there shouldn’t be as many sick call-outs and the newbie probably won’t have as many vacation days.  Work should be a less stressful atmosphere.

That is probably why my wife agreed to the quick trip.  Last month I had some vacation days but other than that, I was only off work for two days.  This month I may have four total off days.  I am in the midst of 11 straight days at work.    I tend to lose track of days.

So the APBA Tournament will be great.  Win or lose I will have a blast.  I will know a few people there from the APBA Convention in Alpharetta but I will also meet new friends.  Plus, I will get to be with lots of people playing my favorite game.  I am excited!




  1. Steve, what a brutal schedule you have! You deserve every ounce of relaxation and fun you can get. Good luck to your Braves.

    Comment by coalblack — July 19, 2016 @ 7:44 am

    • Thanks. The schedule is a bit brutal, mainly because it cuts into my APBA time. We run a skelton crew normally so being a person short makes things a bit rough, especially in the summer when people have vacation plans. Somehow I suspect the other fellow carefully picked when he would be out. My wife is very understanding and I couldn’t get through times like this without her support.

      Comment by stevemryan — July 20, 2016 @ 6:56 am

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