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September 26, 2016

Passage of Time, Plans, Projects and Roadtrips

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July 31, 1992 – September 25, 2016


This was part of the dash.

Like a comet across the sky, if you weren’t looking for it, you might have missed it.

This Friday, my wife, Honey and I plan to drive to Maple Grove, Minnesota.  Coach is going to the Vet Kennel for the weekend and Carla and Diane will be tasked with protecting the house.  Honey loves a road trip and at her age, we are reluctant to leave her at home.  According to GoogleMaps, it is approximately 2100 miles roundtrip.  We are looking forward to a good time together.  I will probably sleep a bit during the ride.

It is a long trip for me to play ten APBA games in the TCABT VI.  While long and quick, this trip will be a welcome break.  I am in a rough division and optimistically, hope to split with the 1966 Astros and 2008 Cubs.  The 1939 Yankees, 1930 Cardinals and 1990 A’s are extremely tough and can score twenty runs in any given game.  That makes 2-8 a realistic possibility.  I hope to catch a few breaks and go 5-5.  I will be competing against the other managers as well as my own fatigue.  I do have some experience competing in the APBA Convention in Alpharetta the past few years.  My first year there I started 1-4 and finished 4-1 to end with a 5-5 overall record.  APBA is more about friends and community than a silly little tabletop baseball game.  I expect to have a great time and am very excited regardless of the outcome during the games.

I am finishing an APBA project with the 1965 Baseball set.  Using the bracket site, I created four groups and am playing games to determine group winners.  The four winners will play in a quick one-&-done tournament to decide the Champion.  It has been a lot of fun.  So far the Reds, Braves, and Yankees have advanced.  The Dodgers are leading the final group at the halfway point.  Like most of my APBA games, I am posting results at the Delphi site on the APBA Between the Lines Forum.  If interested, look for The Twenty 65ers folder.

My next project will be something on a much larger scale.  I have done my research and determined that the 1938 Reds had a dismal 16-28 record in 1-run games.  They finished in 4th place just six games behind the pennant-winning Chicago Cubs.  I am just going to replay those 1-run games for the Reds.  If I can go 22-22, that should make it interesting depending on the head-to-head games with the Cubs.  I don’t know much about that season beyond Johnny Vander Meer’s back-to-back no-hitters.  Neither of those games was a 1-run game so I won’t be replaying either of those games.  I am looking forward to getting into that project!  Results will also be posted at Delphi in the APBA Between the Lines Forum.

I read an interesting article concerning Bruce Springsteen and how the article’s author associated certain songs with the timeline of her life through the prism of Bruce Springsteen’s work.  I got to thinking about the soundtrack of my life.  What songs would I hear or better still, what songs take me back in time?  I enjoy several recording artists and a few songs stand out.  There are a couple I associate with breaking up from old girlfriends.  There are a few that take me back to the summertime when I was young.  And there are others that help me attain a particular state of mind.

Music can be a powerful trigger for memories or moods.  I see our hot basement in August passing the time with AFX until school was back in session.  I remember a college instructor asking us to choose a song that we felt currently captured our persona.  I didn’t know a single song any of my classmates chose and they probably didn’t recognize the song I chose, Over The Rhine’s, “I Don’t Wanna Waste Your Time.”  The song is from their album, “The Trumpet Child.”  I have had that CD in my truck for close to six years.  It is a favorite of mine but I chose that song for the title as much as anything.  I won’t deny there could have been a tongue firmly planted in my cheek.  Oddly enough, the teacher asked me to borrow the CD since she enjoyed the singer’s voice.  It might have been due to me being twice as old as the other people in the class and closer to the instructor’s age than the other students.

Natalie Cole takes me back to a particular job since I had her “Unforgettable” CD in the CD player the four years I worked there and played it daily.  Kenny Rogers’ songs make me think about hot afternoons stacking Little Debbie cases in trailers during my time with the Shipping Department at the bakery.  Similarly, theme songs for TV shows have the same effect.  Sanford & Son reminds me of evenings watching TBS with my grandfather since it came on before and after the Braves games.  Other shows and songs rekindle different memories, some bad but the vast majority are good and make me smile.

This week should be fun and I only need to burn one vacation day for the trip.  In the meantime, the excitement might make sleep difficult.  Then again, sometimes fatigue simply wins.


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  1. I guess my song would be Katy Perry’s “Firework”

    Comment by coalblack — October 1, 2016 @ 10:22 pm

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