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January 13, 2017

Brief Update…

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Tonight, I return to work after I have 72 hours off.  Yes, I count off time in hours because I am that pathetic.  My last 72 hour off stretch was, I forget.  I know I was off 48 hours from 6 am Christmas Eve to 6 am December 26.  I may have had another 48-hour stretch off work but I don’t remember.  Sleep deprivation seems to play games with my memory.  Who knew?  Well, my wife knew and she likes to remind me.

I have been playing APBAGo recently.  I can play it on a variety of platforms.  My favorite way to play is on my Surface, but I like playing on my iPad as well.  I can play on my iPhone, but it is a tad cumbersome as the full screen doesn’t show up on my display.  This isn’t a big deal during games, but it makes setting my lineups a struggle.  I am closing in on 350 games.  I have won more than I have lost but that could change with a few losing streaks.  Most of my games have been against the micromanager, Malcolm.  I have been fortunate to play in a couple of APBAGo Online Tournaments.  Using the 2013 Chicago Cubs, I was able to advance to the semi-finals.  Currently, I am using the 1927 Yankees.  After receiving a first round bye, I have two rounds and not sure how many rounds are left.  I defeated the 2016 Cleveland Indians two games to one in my first round. In my second round, I defeated the 1997 Baltimore Orioles.

I have been able to play my second game in my current project with the 1938 Cincinnati Reds.  In this project, I am replaying the one-run games for the Reds.  I believe the were eight games under .500 in those games and just finished six games behind the Chicago Cubs.  If I can navigate the Reds to a .500 record, they could catch and maybe pass the Cubs.  I would then play the 1938 New York Yankees in the World Series.  Could be interesting.

I have been using BallStat for a couple of years.  Recently, I was shown iScore on the iPad and I like it as well.  My concern is that the developer of BallStat passed away shortly after I started using the program so ongoing updates aren’t likely.  With iScore, it is currently supported.  They do the same thing as far as scoring games,, but BallStat is much better for viewing stats and keeping ongoing records.  I like iScore after scoring several games and it does offer some different reports.  One thing I like is the Hit Location chart.  I use the play description to score with iScore and that is nice as I visualize the results in my head.  I have entered the games from my recent trip to Minnesota for the TCABT VI using the 1998 Braves.  Here are the Hit Locations from those games:


For some reason, WordPress will not allow me to upload or save the *.png file so maybe the link will work.

I have created several videos of APBAGo games.  I believe the uploads are automatically sent to Twitter which is also linked to my Facebook page.  All of these were set up when I was younger and not experiencing sleep deprivation.  In other words, I have no idea how I did it.  Ask my wife, she is younger and aside from a major brain injury, I rely on her for just about everything.

That is about it for this update.  It is 5:30 am EST.  I return to work tonight at 6 pm.  I use military time on most of my devices so at least I know if it is before noon when I wake up.  Sad.


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  1. Get some rest! If the Reds win the division, I’ll set off the alarm. 😉

    Comment by coalblack — January 13, 2017 @ 10:13 pm

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