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April 3, 2017

For my next project…

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I am excited about my next APBA project. I watch a lot of videos on YouTube, follow several blogs as well as read recaps on the Delphi Forums’ APBA Between the Lines. I am amazed at the discipline people have in playing games and completing their projects. I usually do much better with shorter projects, especially now that I am working a part-time job.

My current project is a replay of the one-run games for the 1938 Cincinnati Reds. They played 44 one-run games and only won 16 while finishing six games behind the league leader Chicago Cubs. If I can guide the Reds to a .500 record (22-22), that is the six-game improvement that will be needed to possibly overtake the Cubs. It will come down to which games I win or lose but so far I am doing well against the Cubs. The Giants have my number. I haven’t done well against them at all. It is a good thing that 44 games is a lot and I am just replaying the one-run games. Anything can happen.

I believe my next project will be a lot of mini-projects using teams that qualified for the playoffs from the year the coin-flip game began, 2011 or 2012, through the 2016 playoff teams. I will seed the World Series Winners in the top spots with the World Series losers after that. Then the League Championship losers will be next, etc… The seeding with probably be by either run differential, wins, Pythagorean W-L or something along those lines.

I am also undecided if I will use as-played lineups, my lineups, or the players from the lineup on a particular date but in the order I prefer. The problem with as-played lineups is figuring out what to do about players who aren’t carded or were on another team on the date I use for the lineup. That may be a bit confusing, but it will make sense once I determine the final format.

There are tons of way to play the games and I am considering implementing some of the innovations like the APBA Baseball Error Card and Unusual Play Card. The main reason for this is the frequency with which the E4 seems to occur. The Twin Cities APBA Baseball Tourney in which I was fortunate to participate used these charts and I like the outcome. A little randomness with the only downside being an extra roll or two is probably worth it. That is the best thing about APBA. When playing alone I can do it my way. When playing against others we agree to how things should be done before we start.

This is a great game and provides many hours of enjoyment. One of my goals in my project is to use different teams I have. I have all of the seasons since 1901 and a few specials card sets like Original Franchise All-Stars and the Baseball All-Time Stars plus the Negro League Baseball Set. There are also several Great Teams of the Pasts Collections and those are fun to play as well.

The initial investment can seem like a lot. When the time played is taken into account, this hobby is usually pennies per hour. I hope there is a decent following for the Triple Crown races. The year we had the Triple Crown Winner, the cards for the horses were made available to replay the races using the APBA Saddle Racing Game. I am looking forward many more hours of enjoyment!


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