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April 20, 2017

It’s a long season…

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I was fortunate to join another APBA League a month or so ago.  It is called Basic APBA Baseball League or BABL.  It will be a bit different from


Screen Capture from my phone of iScore’s Scorecast.

my other ten or so leagues, because this one is a cards and dice league.  We exchange instructions for our teams through email and most of the instructions are in one page Word or Excel format.  I am looking forward to seeing how my team does in the league.

I inherited the team from a league member who had two teams in the league.  Time constraints dictated that he needed to give up one of his teams.  My team isn’t terrible but the offense has to be less than average.  I have scored three, two and three runs in my first three games against two D and one C Graded pitchers.  It will be fun but possibly a long season.

I have been scoring my games using iScore, an iOS, scorekeeping app.  This is done through my iPad2.  I like several of the features of the program not so much as being better than BallScore but being different.  One thing is the ability to send the link to the Scorecast of the game.  This enables someone to follow along as I score the game on my iPad.

iScore also gives me the ability to import team rosters.  This is much better than entering each team one player at a time.  One of our league spreadsheets has the players listed last name, first name but that doesn’t bother me.  I could probably mess with the names in the spreadsheet to fix that before I import the teams but it isn’t that big of a deal.

CardenalJI also like the feature that allows me to add a player picture.  I use the head shots from the player’s baseball-reference page.  This website also has the players’ uniform numbers and I matched it with the current season.  There are some duplicate numbers but again, this isn’t a big deal.

I know most of the guys in the league through the Delphi Forums or from the APBA Convention held the past four or five years in Alpharetta GA.  The APBA Game Company had been in Lancaster PA since 1951 or so but moved to Alpharetta after being bought around 2010.  I have been fortunate to attend the Alpharetta Conventions but wasn’t ever able to attend in Lancaster or the other cities that hosted the event.

Highlanders GS

In my stumblings around the Internet, I found a method for tracking daily progress of players in MLB using Google Sheets and importing the information into a spreadsheet.  I was able to modify the method to have the information for past seasons on a sheet so I could readily access the stats for my players.  ForschBThis is very helpful since most web pages have the information sorted for players by the team they played with during that particular season.  Our teams are drafted onto teams that don’t resemble the teams from the Major Leagues.

I joined the league after the draft for the current season but my team has several players I like.  Some of those players are good and some not so good.  Frank Duffy is one of those players I remember from the Cleveland Indians.  When I first started playing APBA, I liked the Cleveland Indians for some reason I don’t really recall.  I also liked Ron Reed but I believe that was because I had his basketball card.  Not many players play in the NBA and MLB. GrossG It seems more players have played in the NFL and MLB like Brian Jordan, Deion Sanders and of course, Bo Jackson.

I know Danny Ainge played baseball before gaining a few Championships with the NBA’s Boston Celtics, but I don’t recall anyone other than Ron Reed playing for the NBA and MLB.  It seems like there were a few guys in the 1960s who may have played for both leagues.  I would have to look it up.

Recently, Tony  Romo, of the Dallas Cowboys, suited up for the Dallas Mavericks but I don’t think the league approved his contract so he wasn’t able to play in a game.  ReedROne of his opponents in High School (who plays in the NBA) said Romo could have played professional basketball if he hadn’t pursued a career in the NFL.  We will never know for sure.

So after three games, I have two wins and one loss.  The team I am playing is managed by a young man I have had the pleasure of getting to know at the APBA Conventions.  He works for a Minor League team affiliated with the Philadelphia Phillies.GarrR

All of the other leagues I am in use APBA’s Baseball for Windows Program.  Some are using players from the 2016 season and other use players from the past beyond the 2016 season.  BABL is using the 1975 season cards but my BBW seasons mostly go from 1968 through 1988. ValentineB One league is using the 1928 season.  I was previously in a league using the 1910 season, but it folded.  I enjoy baseball in all forms and BBW and APBA C&D are just another way to enjoy this great sport.

There are several Youtube channels dedicated to baseball card & dice games.  One of my favorites isTabletop Baseball.  I also enjoy Baseball Demos.  Other channels also play baseball games but these two are my favorites.  The games used are APBA, Strat-o-Matic, History Maker Baseball, Replay, Payoff Pitch and Statis Pro.  I have forgotten a couple but those are the ones I can recall off the top of my head.  PoleDGames are played live and games are played offline then posted later.  Some games are tournament games, season replays or mini-seasons of 20 to 30 games.  There may be one and done tournaments or best-of series.  Everyone who played does things a little different but the key is to have fun and play the way that keeps the games interesting.  I believe there is no right or wrong way to play the games.  I prefer to make my own lineups.  It keeps me interested and I like to see if I can do better than the historical manager did.

I am probably addicted to these channels and like listening to them in the background as I roll my own games. I find them relaxing and just another way to enjoy baseball.  It seems I have been rambling for a while but it is late and that is what I do.  Like playing baseball games, writing a blog is similar in that sometimes there isn’t a right or wrong way to write.  The key is to have fun and stay interested.

After looking through the players from my team and the pictures I used in this post, I wish I could have a team photo to include.  That would be very cool!


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